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Can-Am Spyder Parts & Accessories

The Can-Am Spyder is known for its dynamic handling and great cornering, while ensuring unprecedented control. Whether you're into riding for sport or for touring, we have Can-Am Spyder parts and accessories for you.

Can-Am Spyder Parts and Accessories for the Front

For the Can-Am Spyder, we offer parts like LED Front Fender Marker Lights, which add safety with an Amber LED Marker to replace the reflector. It's thicker than OEM, and contoured to better match the lines of the front fender. With sixteen LEDs on each side, safety is markedly improved.

The Adjustable Flip Windshield features a lower tinted section that hides a clear panel behind it. With a quick twist of the attachments, you can flip the clear panel into place, and make a taller windshield for added wind protection.

Can-Am Spyder Parts and Accessories for the Back

Add a Chrome Tour Trunk Rack to the back of your Spyder to accommodate standard luggage bags. This trunk rack looks phenomenal, and will help you travel easier. You can bring your gym bag or your work clothes with you without worrying about your backpack.

Check out our Super Thin, Flexible LED Strip Lights for the side of your motorcycle.

These lights come in multiple colors, and are perfect for a large variety of lighting applications. These are great for accents around headlights, above motors and fit into tight areas of your bike.

We Have Accessories for Everyone

We offer multiple chrome license plate frames. Show off your style with a beautiful chrome steel license plate. Some come with emblems, others with LED lights.

Share your American pride with one of our flags, or add new handle bar grips. No matter what you like, we have something for you!

Enjoy your next Spyder ride by adding your own spin to your bike. With our parts and accessories, you'll be easily recognizable. Plus, our LED lights are perfect for added safety. Allow your presence to be known with our Spyder parts and accessories.